‘Avengers: Operation Galactic Storm’ Epic Collection Returns to our Universe

While most Avengers fans associate any “Avengers in Space” story with the early 1970’s classic “Kree/Skrull War” storyline, 1992’s “Operation Galactic Storm” also ranks high on any long-time fan’s list.

The second edition of the Avengers: Operation Galactic Storm Epic Collection (originally released in 2017) consists of Captain America #398-401, Avengers West Coast #80-82, Quasar #32-35, Wonder Man #7-9, Avengers #345-347, Iron Man #278-279, Thor #445-446, and the two-part “What If…The Avengers Lost Operation Galactic Storm story” in What If #55-56.

The Shi’ar stand in for the Skrulls this time around, as The Kree/Shi’ar War pits both empires against each other, and the Avengers become involved when the integrity of the sun is threatened (due to the repeated use of a stargate discovered by Quasar). Highlights include the Avengers vs. the Shi’ar Imperial Guard and a split in the team (particularly Tony Stark and Steve Rogers) over a difficult ethical decision.

The story is written by Bob Harras, Tom Defalco, Mark Gruenwald, Gerard Jones, Len Kaminski, Gerard Jones, and Roy Thomas, with art by Greg Capullo, Steve Epting, Rurik Tyler, Jeff Johnson, Stephen B. Jones, Paul Olliffe, Rik Levins, Dave Ross, Paul Ryan, Rurik Tyler, Craig Brasfield, John Czop, Darren Auck and Dave Simons.

In addition to the previous Epic Collection in 2017, Galactic Storm was originally collected as a two volume graphic novel set in 2006.

The Avengers: Operation Galactic Storm Epic Collection (488 pages) retails for $44.99 and will be in stores on May 11.

Check out the cover by Epting below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of you classic comic needs.

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