‘What If?’ Omnibus Volume 2 Coming in January

Marvel is doubling down on their original What If? series with a second collection coming to comic shops and book stores at the end of 2021.

The What If? Omnibus Volume 2 will feature work by Peter B Gillis, Mark Gruenwald, Tony Isabella, Mike W Barr, Herb Trimpe, Ron Wilson, Alan Kupperberg, Gil Kane, and others, and collects issues #23 through #47 of the series that started in 1977.

Only some of the intriguing questions include: How would Peter Parker’s life have changed if Uncle Ben or Gwen Stacy had live, if his clone had survived (and we got the answer to that one, whether we wanted it or not in the 90s), or if Aunt May was bitten by the spider? What if Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny never gained their powers or if there was no Fantastic Four at all? What if the Thing and the Beast continued to mutate? What if Matt Murdock became an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.? What if Captain America became President or was revived in the 1980? What if Thor battled Conan the Barbarian?

The proposed cover features the art from issue #31 when the fatal question What if Wolverine killed the Hulk? was asked.

Volume 2 retails for $125 and is tentatively scheduled for January 19. Volume 1 is currently in stores (and you can read more about the first collection right here).

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